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Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Sorceror's Apprentice

A street magician and a young boy during the depression would perform street magic time and time again for food and rent for their slum like apartment and time and time again they would dabble in what was to be their only form of income...Through out the villages they would make things disappear and reappear hoping to find a way to make a fortune so they could never have to work again. One day they stumbled upon a magic chalice that magically made gold appear....They had finally found something enchanting to make their fortune...The magician traveled from town to town with the boy bringing along the chalice and awaiting for a moment to finally appear in-front of the Queen for a Kings ransom with the young boy assistant he called his student. However, it was to become a voyage of hypocrisy as his magic chalice somehow disappeared the evening before his great performance...They were unable to do their performance for the Queen because they had lost the magic chalice and they were no longer able to perform because the magic was gone...However, he still had the companionship of the young boy and together they made each other laugh...The magic was gone but their friendship was eternal.

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