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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Remembering Rodney King--Public Relations from police officers?--Shame on ABC

After viewing a recent ABC News 20/20 story on an ex military man that defended himself against oncoming neighbors with a gun because he wanted them to quiet down in his neighborhood because of the loud Kerioke noises that were coming from their home and eventually shot one of the men that came on to him in an attempt to beat him up; I'm reminded of the Rodney King beatings that took place years ago in LA.  I reported the story for Geraldo Rivera's NOW IT CAN BE TOLD in the 1980's.
ABC News may have missed the boat on this story by not interviewing police officials who the military man had called numerous amounts of time to help him quiet down a neighborhood.  Shame on Chris Cuomo who made no attempts in his report to contact and interview law officials that were called but never appeared on the scene until afterwards when one school teacher was shot and killed.
Police officials have a thankless job of defending our communities and soil in times of crisis and with the recent Boston Bombing suspects having been swift-fully apprehended and brought to justice in Boston, we must remember that police are people too and have been in the past wrangled for going above the law and not acting properly when faced with an adverse situation.
I covered Rodney King many years ago and remember the fact that Daryl Gates, Police Chief for the LA Police Department at the time called his team of police officers, "THE G-D SQUAD" sometimes acting and considering themselves ABOVE THE LAW....With the rage of adequate police work that has occurred in Boston following the Boston Bomber attacks, we must remember that police can brutally use their powers above the law in defending our freedoms and keeping us safe if we don't speak out.  It is up to the media at times to watchdog how and why police act and work while on the job.  Otherwise we may be headed down the road towards becoming an overly regulated police state that allows law enforcement officials to take the law into their own hands going to extremes.  I witnessed this first hand while working as an investigative reporter.  Who watches the police?  We all should and in general I still believe they mostly do their jobs well, however public opinion still dictates what might happen to individuals in a court of law.  It's up to all of us to ask questions and make healthy rational choices.