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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Guns---The Camera and the Mediaographer

The New Gun may not be an M-16 or an AK47 but the camera itself as we continue to head down new trails with the freedoms of Citizen updated photo of my professional headshot revealed:
By many viewers and critics, this photo was once described as me carrying a gun and by many standards in our post 1984 era there lies some truth in all this...The above videos from a military perspective and the freedoms of post 1984 internet freedoms allows us today along with just a cell phone to capture moments of crisis and tendencies to capture reality....Although police would rather not have any of their protocol photographed the power of the citizen journalist is growing at unparalleled proportions.  See for your self the reactions that occur when a camera is introduced into a wild and unruly crowd and learn the power of the pixel.  No longer to we refer to the ethics of videography as filming but perhaps the new term I coin is Mediaography....and the use of the online social media websites along with our endeavors to capture the truth and show the world what really lies beyond the lens.   Take note all your technophiles and try not to be fire starters but truth sayers.  The power you hold with a camera can be the new extension of the virtual gun.