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Monday, January 23, 2012

Logistical Planning Continues for New Documentary IMPACT

So I've been spending significant amounts of time laying down some of the logistical elements so we can begin photographing some of the fighters for the new documentary.  Getting everyone onboard for the idea has always been most challenging.  Music rights and clearence is also in the works while figuring out what will be the best tone in music from so many artists out there.  We've had some wonderful responses from student songwriters at Berkley in Boston and others as well.  It's inspiring to come in contact with all of these eager artists who show no fear in jumping on board to help us create a poignant piece that will accurately portray the stories of the warriors.  Their spirit is astounding as I continue the research and making sure all elements are in place. It has been my driving force.  It's definately a part of Judaic culture that not many people seem to know little about with the exception of a few who have had relatives involved with the sport.  I'm amazed at some of the unchartered territory we're exploring and appreciate all of the support that has been offered up so far from many of the people I've spoken with.  We'll see how this journey progresses but in the mean time stay tuned for more behind the scenes production notes as we continue with our efforts.  It certainly has become a well explored journey.  Thanks,  JN

Saturday, January 21, 2012

IMPACT-Jewish Boxers in America--Now On KICKSTARTER..Please help...

Hey Everyone:

We are very excited about our new project on Jewish Boxers in America...Working Title:  IMPACT.  The project is currently in preproduction and beginning to shoot within the next several weeks.  It has led us down some very inspiring roads uncovering parts of Jewish history and culture that not many know about.  We've met some wonderfully supportive people.  However, in order to make this project a reality we need to raise some funds for production expenses, ie: travel and fuel, etc.  We've established a KICKSTARTER website at: where you can donate what you can towards the project just to help us out a bit.  We're offering a copy on DVD of the finished project in return for your generous support so please help us make this significant story of Jewish American history a reality and give what you can.  We hope to hear from you and look forward to completing the project in the time ahead bringing an introduction of the Jewish Experience to America with stories that will include many upcoming Jewish boxers who are sacrificing themselves everyday in hopes of defending the Jewish spirit in America.  These are trying times with our economy and the hatred of anti-semitism ever growing.  Please consider helping us make this project possible by supporting it and working with us to expand the knowledge of viewers about the complete Jewish Experience and allowing them to learn and see for themselves another part of what Jewish spirit is all about.  We hope to hear from you and get your support.  Check in on and see a trailer of the film.  We look forward to seeing you at the movies....Peace,  JN

Saturday, January 7, 2012

IMPACT-The Jewish Boxer Documentary Continues Pre Production

So, I spent the afternoon with Jewish Boxer and professional boxing referee Ron Lipton as pre-pro continues on IMPACT: The Jewish Boxer.  What a delight and treat it was to have some decent times and finally getting to meet the man behind the emails and communication.  He is a proud and focused individual that wears his toughness on his sleeve.  We spent the afternoon scouting locations and exploring the right enviornment for upcoming shoots as we continue to work on the film.  Ron's home is situated on a huge farm plot isolated from the eclectic buzz of the city on a country road.  We spoke for hours and discussed his story.  This is a man who shows no fear, shows no mercy in the ring and is unafraid to brilliantly articulate his thoughts about the sport and his story that has been laced with tradgedies and triumphs.  I feel very fortunate to have met him and look forward to our upcoming shoots that will tell his story in his own words to a captivated audience.  Ron's Pit Bull Terrior mixed greeted me at the door and we traveled to several locations to decide on how the film would be shot.  This is a man who not only can articulate his thoughts clearly about the sport but can also place you in a hypnotic trance as you listen to his story.  He does not faulter and makes every effort to portray so much of the pain and anger he has had to endure in a way that is constantly under control and ready for the next opponent.   Releases and preliminary test shots are already beginning and the excitement that Ron has about describing his past fights and battles is the same enthusiasm I feel about making this film.  It is like a battle cry in regard to producing this project and my emotions run parallel to what Ron has had to endure in the ring.  The finished product will be a sign of true victory during a process that already feels like a two round knockout victory as we approach further production.  Stay tuned.