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Monday, October 21, 2019

DIGITHEAD-The Computer Info-Tainment Show....All 38 Episodes now available on DVD---THE DIGITHEAD YEARS-1998-2002....Produced by GALILEO PRODUCTIONS, LLC
Available Now on DVD-$100.00 per episode on DVD....

1. Premiere
2. Motherboards
3. Mass Storage Devices
4. Graphic Adapters and Speakers
5.Sound Adapters and Speakers
6. Best of Digithead-Printers and Scanners
7. Network Cards and Hubs
8. Communications Adapters
9. Operating Systems
10. Webcasting Over the Internet
11. Creating Music with Computers
12. Using Computers with Robotics
13. On Board Computer Navigational Systems
14. Computers in Automobiles-Computer Hackers
15. Legal Issues Around Freedom of Speech in Workplace-
Digital Art.
16. Computer Dating-On-Line Dating
17. Music Over the Internet--Issues
18. Online Auctioning and Computer Currency
19. Desktop Publishing
20. Cyber Safety-How to Protect Your Kids Over the
21. New Wired Computer Homes
22. Computers in the Classroom
23. Using Computers to Design Your Office
24. Tracking Pigeons Over the Internet and GPS Systems
25. Using Computers to Stop Addiction
26. DIGITHEAD in Amsterdam
27. Hackers: The Silent Menace-Friends or Foes
28. The Internet Campaign Trail
29. On The Boardwalk in Atlantic City
30. Internet Terrorism
31. The Holiday Show-Making Gifts with Computer Parts
32. Digithead: Online Adoption
33. Hunting Ghosts with Digital Technology
34. Soldiers Story: Using Email During Wartimes
35. Best of Digithead
36. Digithead-Jersey Jams/Jersey Cares
37. One World Through The Net
38. Digithead Techno Fashion Show
All available NOW on DVD......
Free postage included with all orders.