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Friday, December 9, 2011

Cable Access...Your Ticket To A Larger Audience...And It's FREE

If there was ever a time for media guru's to acquire a larger audience, then this is that moment.  One of the best ways to gain larger audience share with your videos is to use cable access channels as a means to distribute your videos and gain market share for all of your work.  I've discovered through cable television,  a way in which you can use the local access channels to show off some of the best videos that you produce while finding an audience in your local neighborhoods and communities.  Cable access is the way in which the large cable companies offer their obligations and legally demanding rule of communications to give local producers their chance to distribute programming without having to pay for the air time.  If you have cable and want to make use of the services the large multi system operators are distributing their programming with take advantage of public access.  It's a free way to ethically distribute your voice and get viewers to tune into the programs that you're producing.  According to a government loophole in programming access, all cable companies must supply FREE airtime to local producers on their cable and provide a community service by offering up the time to local producers.  But you must be a cable television subscriber and have the means to produce the programming yourself unless you take an access course that the cable companies provide to their community television producers so you can  use their facilities for your own shows.  This is just another fantastic resource that producers can utilize to get their shows to the general public and if it's done right, you can gain market share within your community and have a stronger reach within local access viewership in your area.  So consider using cable access and contact your local cable provider to learn more about this not for profit service that will give you a voice, the credibility and the opportunity to have your shows seen and heard by the community.  You can't find distribution anywhere at these best bargain prices that won't bust your production budget or your personal pocketbook.  Good luck!  You might even find the time to build a website around your programming on a for-free web provider.  Use the website to enhance your cable show on access.
Let us know how you make out.  It's a great chance to take over the world with your own type of local programming.  Just make sure you know the rules.