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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What to Do About the Weiner?

There's an old theory from the southern states when it comes to insane personalities and politics.  The Southerners always comment, "When some one's crazy up north, you tend to hide them away, silence them and shut them down into a solitary box.....Well hell, down South when we have someone who's crazy.....we show them off."  This Southern interpretation may be the right antidote for handling an isolated case like the Anthony Weiner scandal.  Here is a man with a sincere sexual problem that doesn't seem to want to answer honestly what he's been doing behind webcams and social media.  He's finally come clean.  He's a man not many trust when it comes to how he handles his own weiner and time and time again we're reminded of this man's improprieties and sexual misconduct.  Yet the man has tenacity of an attack dog not bowing down to public scrutiny and demanding more than his 15 seconds of fame hoping the public will give him a second chance.  It is clear that his social improprieties have betrayed the public's trust.  But he continues to demand his run for public office.  What will become of this disgraced politician?  We've seen the likes of his kind from Kennedy's to Clinton's while serving in office and the public has grown up quite a bit by forgiving and accepting that most of our public officials are human and not some Marvel comic superhero that must be perfect in every which way there is.  We've come to learn that the public officials we elect are not supermen but human beings with flaws and imperfections.

Whatever is to become of Anthony Weiner is soon to be determined but I believe the public should decide whether this feebled phallic should be given a second chance to run for public office.  He's already attempted to handle his improprieties in private but believes that he is ready to return to the public eye.  It certainly sells newspapers and keeps the political arena interesting. 

Let the people decide on the fate of Anthony Weiner once and for all and allow him to run.  It will certainly be a test of the people on how we gauge the frivolities of our public officials to see if we believe they can still serve the public's interest even though they may have many faults.  Hey, if he doesn't want to be locked away in hiding and wants all his dirty laundry revealed, then I say let him run.  Let the public decide whether our tolerance level for faulty politicians should be lowered even more from Clinton and Kennedy inappropriateness and see if they have any ounce left of civil servant capability to serve the public in a way that will be productive and tolerable.  The man has already stepped forward and exposed himself covering all the basis of crisis managagement public relations 101 tactics.  Let's try and hear if there are any saving graces of what other aspects of his career that might be salvageable.  Anthony....Lay off your Weiner for a moment and tell us what you'll do next in office.