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Friday, April 10, 2020

Let's rewind the media material....I've invested over 30 years providing content for the CABLE and PHONE giants over the internet...Producing content and documentaries that have brought me many awards....CABLE and PHONE Giants like VERIZON should have compensated us with some LUMP SUMS of cash in order to cover expenses in the beginning then charging $1.00 per hit for the watchers that saw our films at GP MEDIA....Also using BILLBOARD ADVERTISING on sites to gain additional streams of income....Instead, I have been punished for a permanent disability...Forced to take medications that have been harmful, laid victim to numerous amounts of ROBO CALLS all focused on squeezing us for more money, while LIMITING media services over the CABLE BOX thinking we owe them for content....What scoundrels....It's about time CABLE COMPANIES start paying US for the content we've provided and pay US for PHONE AND CABLE CONTENT....So sick of their constant harassment from the past adding additional mental health issues and making things difficult. Use advertising dollars to help defray costs for music royalties as well....However they continue to believe we are PRIVILEGED to work for them and provide content....Could have been returning some kind of rewards to my volunteers who helped along the way....While I continue to try and remedy a permanent disability......It's been a long haul....So tired and run down over it all....Hope for a light att the end of the tunnel....

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