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Friday, December 6, 2013

Enhancing the Presentation-The Virtual Experience-Create a Happening

Some of you indie filmmakers out there might be working diligently into your third phase of production from concept and are now shooting and preparing to edit productions that will be aired or seen regionally or even perhaps nationally/internationally.  May I suggest that we not lose sight of the virtual experience of presenting our films and projects.  May I suggest that we again begin to take into consideration the VIRTUAL aspect of screening a production in lieu of the space or the place where it might be seen.  IE:  FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION....What kind of additional production are you planning for when you air or screen your film?  What kind of space will the production be shown in?  Who is your audience?  Will it be seen on a television screen/film theater or someone's cell phone at best?  How can we enhance the end users EXPERIENCE that surrounds them when the production airs, webcasts, or even transmits to a cell phone?

Consider the virtual rides of Disney in Florida and California and you might get a better idea as to how to produce a project that will have better IMPACT....Influence....saturation and most important, remembrance by the viewer, end user.

When considering any production, you might want to think of it completely backwards starting from the end user and working your way to the beginning to enable yourself to create an EXPERIENCE that will enhance the way a production will be realized.

I present to you virtual ideas that can astonish and help any production air better and send along a clear message if we can CONTROL the enviornment in which it is presented.  Disney was a master at this in regards to creating rides that involved settings, places that matched what was mise en scene---Placement of a film project that involves hospital patients might lend itself to creating a place or showing the film in a hospital setting?  Perhaps creating a hospital setting in a theater that is showing a hospital or medical film?

Horror films like THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE once used this technique effectively by placing an actor into the audience wearing the exact garb that the films central character whore while running down the aisles touting a toy chainsaw and scaring the audience into deeper submission than the film portrayed itself.

Create an enviornment that induces the central theme of the project.  Remember ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW?  Audience members acted out the film on stage while the film played.  Use of "stooges" or audience plants that are cued to react to certain moments in your film can also lend something new to a film EXPERIENCE.  Remember that remembering a project by an audience member is part of the main attraction.

Ushers dressed as doctors for a medical film or concierges dressed as soldiers for a war film add suspended height in making the film a reality that may have initially just been created using pen and story boards at the on-set.  This becomes harder with cell phone technology personalizing the experience even more, however, a carefully placed actor or object or sign while a person watches an advertisement on their cell phone could lend itself to better individual experiences....It's much trickier when you must direct this message to a mass audience.  You will remember!

Does art mimic reality or reality mimic art?  That line is becoming more and more blurred as we enter into a technologically advanced world that almost allows us to do just about anything.

The more real your project, the more people will remember....just don't kill anyone in the process...