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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Assisting our Brothers and Sisters Down The Jersey Shore--THE GRIPWEEDS

August 2013, Randolph, NJ:  Never before has New Jersey needed some type of help from local artists then what has occurred down the Jersey Shore after the devastation from Hurricane Sandy.  Never before, since 9/11 have New Jersey artists and bands come together to unite in support of the Jersey Shore in producing MY HOMETOWN, a compilation CD dedicated to assisting in providing much needed financial support to those impacted by the lethal storm.  I was fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing artists like the GRIPWEEDS earlier this July while shooting down in Asbury Park at the Old VFW Hal Daley Hall where we shot this tribute video to the KNICKERBOCKERS song "LIES" during one sunny afternoon in Springsteen's old stomping grounds.  What an honor and privledge it was to work with these lads and lassies from Highland Park.  Rick and Kurt and the gang are true professionals and made the entire day of shooting with my crew of Kyle and Caroline an amazing and creatively supportive day of making their vision a reality.  We hope you enjoy the video and pass it along to friends.  It will not only help spread the word of support for our brothers and sisters down the Jersey Shore but will also bring awareness to how much help is needed down in south Jersey and give those in need some extra glimmer of hope that help is on the matter how long it takes to turn around.  Hang in their New Jersey.  Artists and musicians are with you 100% of the way.  Stay tuned for more upcoming show announcements for the band as they kick off their new album tour up in South Western Massachussetts at the APPLE SQUEEZE shows.  A splendid time is guaranteed for all.