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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Using Youtube To Test the Waters....Finding Your Subject Matter....

Youtube has been a wonderful gauge to find subject matter.  Consider this...You can place test videos up on Youtube to determine what the public wants to watch.  I use the site to run a variety of video vignettes and see which ones strike the most hits.  The most popular videos are usually the ones that should be placed onto your development list and produced into longer formatted documentaries.  It's a great place to test the waters.  Below is a clip I produced on Sushi Chef Jerry of East Tokyo Restaurant.  The video did surprisingly well bringing in lots of hits.  I'm tempted to take this video to the next level now and develop a documentary on the History of Sushi and why it's so popular in America.  Youtube is perfect for this marketing model.  The videos that are most popular deserve a second look and it might not be a bad idea to take this video to the next level and develop a documentary that will incorporate the idea into a larger body of work.
Youtube's immediate reponsive format makes it a perfect test marketing tool to determine where the eyeballs may fall for your next project and give you direction on what will make a good documentary or other type of film.  I highly recommend that you use Youtube to find your voice and help you stear the production machine in a direction that will get viewership and attract audience share.  The nice thing about it too is it's all FREE...What more can you ask for??


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