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Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Time to Write The Bible....Your Production Bible That is....God is Joe Pesci

It's time to write your production bible....You know...the guide and information book that you'll combine into a notebook which will have all the answers for you when it's time to start production of your documentary.  You'll include, contacts, research for questions, shoot schedules, scripting and edit plans and even a section for all your correspondence.  It's the notebook of all notebooks that will get you out of hot water when you have to visit the courts and step infront of the G-d Judge who will determine whether or not you should be censored.  I know it sounds extreme, but the production bible you compile will be your go-to answer card whenever you have problems or questions in the field and need to contact someone or just look for an answer to a production delemma.  Look at your production bible as the answer to all religious questions and think of it as the book you assemble that will be a wonderful reference tool for years to come when you have to look back at how you produced your documentary.  Here are some note worthy sections that should be included in your production bible:

1.  Contacts
2.  Research for Scripted Questions
3.  Scipted Questions
4.  Shoot Schedules
5.  Directions to Locations
6.  Transcripts
7.  Paper Edit--The Edit Plan
8.  Misc.
9.  Crew List with Phone Numbers
10.Press Releases
11.Sponsorship Information
12.Legal--Releases and Location Waivers

The production bible IS NOT anything religious the way most think about it in biblical context, it's simply a wonderful reference tool that has sections dedicated to various aspects of your production.  Don't think of it as anything religious.  George Carlin puts things into perspective better when it comes to religion....
So remember, if you have to answer to Joe Pesci when it comes time to defend your work, look at the production bible that you compile as a strong means of defense from getting your head knocked in by Joe Pesci.  You'll thank me along the way when you realize how important a well crafted and organized production bible can be in producing a coherent and well scripted video project that makes sense and changes people's lives.  The video production bible is your answer to contend with G-d....Even if G-d is Joe Pesci.   JN

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