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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finding Truth...What Makes Documentary Filmmaking So Intriguing

I've always loved getting to the bottom of truth and finding new meaning in learning about subject matters through documentary film making.  It is the process of producing a documentary that allows for learning the truth about a subject matter and getting to the bottom of what actually exists.  Documentary film making is a process of discovery and learning about a subject matter in a cohesive process of production lending itself to being concise and well organized when done the right way.  You learn about people and their interests in their own words while performing the tasks at hand for documentary production.  Allowing a story to be told by your subject matter in their own words is one of the biggest services you can offer an organization or a person when producing good stories.  You become an outsider looking in and achieving a noble profession of portraying the truth in a world that is filled with misrepresentations and lies.  Finding answers to complex questions through documentary film making offers up the ultimate teaching tool to your viewers and can be the way to lead people in a safe and coherent manner so they can make decisions on their own without too much manipulation of facts when done correctly.  It is a gift and honor to be selected to perform these tasks for an organization or network where you must have skills at your disposal that can present a subject matter  in their most honest and truthful representation.  It is a role that comes along with allot of responsibility and it is our mission as documentarians to present the facts without imposing too much of our own opinions and beliefs in good story telling.  We become the new gatekeepers and must abide by a stern grouping of rules and ethics in order to keep our reputations and titles reputable.  Trust must never be broken and we establish this with our viewer by abiding by a table of ethics.


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