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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Capturing Your Families History On Videotape---Oral Histories---

There's never been a time right now when people are skammering to collect and save family moments... relics of time gone by and remembering the past through their family trees.  One of the services we offer has been a rather successful and unique product we call oral histories... These videos include taking your elder statesman or matriarch of your family and sitting them down to recollect about your family and days gone by.  It's a testament to your family tree and a chance for you to get closer with the elders in your clan.  What better way to learn about the past and how far you've come then developing a dialogue with one of your grandparents.  We record them on DVD and then keep them on file for a client for several years so that when they pass you've got a moment in time recorded for posterity.  These oral histories allow family members to share and bound keeping up the traditions for generations to come.  They can include photo's like this one...
or just use an interview that is conducted with a family member to tell the story of your clan.  What better way to keep the family traditons alive and give them out to others as holiday gifts.  The photo above was from my grandfather's Bar Mitzvah, a tradition in the Jewish faith that takes place at 13 years of age.  My grandfather never had the chance to actually get Bar Mitzvahed as money problems persisted during the Great Depression era but it did give him the chance to study and learn Torah.  He would later go to synagogues and teach Hebrew at the the temple to newcomer Bar Mitzvahs and spread his love and knowlege.  What better way to learn about your past and the many great stories that are there by creating an oral history video DVD for generations to come.  It's a wonderful way to show you care.


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