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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Subtle Reminder About our Freedoms of Speech

I was reminded soon after I began writing this blog about an instance that took place from an annonymous caller who had recently read some of my material over the internet.  He called to threaten and harass me about some of my past dealings with people I have communicated with in the past.  HIS words were at first very hospitable and warm as he called me from an annonymous phone number, the location of his call restricted by my cell phone.  "You better shut up and not make any more trouble", he said probably referring to some past difficulties this blogger has had with people who have in the past, had great difficulty with my website writing forcing me to be censored over the internet by parties who have not been able to examine themselves properly and realize that GALILEO PRODUCTIONS, LLC and my films are all about expressing yourself honestly and looking to find truth in all subjects I document.  Refer to some of my previous blogs where I have written about these ideas.  The caller began to ramble and as the conversation began to get a bit nasty.  Unfortunately it ended after the caller wouldn't allow me to get a word in edgewise with any of our discussions.  I hung up on him.

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