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Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Ideas Strike a Chord with People and Sometimes Limit Our Freedoms of Speech

I'm reminded while writing this blog about a number of people from the community who have taken a disliking towards my ideas and writings over the internet.  I must explain.  Not too long ago I recieved an anonymous phone call from a restricted phone number on my cell phone.  They had been contacting me to try and silence this blogger.  "You better shut up", they proclaimed and began telling me how difficult my life would be if they continue to read some of my postings.  "We'll have to bring some of my friends up to where you live and pay you a visit", they bantered.  "We know where you live" and began telling me my address and phone number which is clearly posted over the internet on my companies websites.  Another instance came years ago from a person I well respected who had some problems with drinking many years ago when he was growing up.  He exhibited poor judgement in the past about his alcohol consumption and the discourse we shared against each other came to light, AGAIN, over the internet.  I had posted a website that was libelous by certain accounts against his character even though the posts portrayed an accurate and true representation of what we had gone through as brothers and friends.  I've since tried to ignore our dealings with each other and proceed with my work.  My father once put it well when he said, you're allowed to do almost whatever you want in this country as long as you're willing to pay the consequences.  Words I shall never forget but isn't it true that we must begin to learn how to use this new form of expression labled, The Wild Wild West by my attorney as a forum for getting people together for the good of our country?  It should be our freedoms to be able to speak our minds as long as we understand the ramifications and consequences for what we write.  Some of the people I've spoken about over the internet have some serious issues with some of my actions that have obviously been misunderstood in translation.  Isn't it time to hold out olive branches instead of swords using the internet and begin to try a dialogue that helps us bring people together instead of pushing each other away?  The Wild Wild West or WWW of the internet landscape is a place to just start beginning to break down communication walls and begin to understand that we all are very similar in the way we act and behaive.  Thanks for reading.  More to come.  JN

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