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Monday, October 3, 2011

4 More Tips for Conducting The Perfect Interview....

Here are so more tips for the interviewer in television....

1.  Be prepared when conducting an interview with your subject and do your homework.  There's nothing more embarrassing then trying to wing an interview with your subject that presents yourself as being unknowledgeable about the topic matter and the subject at hand.... Do your research and try to have 8X10 cards with you that are not white in color for camera purposes....A blue colored 8X10 card is always best.

2.  Have a series of questions ready that promote your subject to talk in soundbites.  Always use the "WHY?" question to elicit a more lengthy discussion that will be easier for your editor to cut.  Remember that
a good sound bite usually gets across a point within seven seconds.  Finish the interview with, "Is there anything else you'd like to add?"  as a means of being fair to your subject.

3.  Communicate to your subject that they should try and reiterate your questions into the answers because your questions will be cut out of the final edited piece.  This also gives your subject some more time to think about their answers.

4.  Be persistant if you don't get the answer you're looking for.  Ask the question again reworded if necessary to elicit a response that suits the message and theme of your interview.

Remember, the more you conduct interviews, the better you'll get being able to manipulate your subject and give you responses that best suit the message you are trying to make.  It sounds a bit unethical but time factors in television are very important and you don't want to lose your audience because of a subject matter that is drawn out and just plain boring to your viewer.  Sound bites are an art form and it takes a while to master the manipulative techniques of good interviewing skills.

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