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Sunday, June 21, 2015


I've always wondered what you might do with persons with extreme disabilities...people that have had to work hard to overcome a physical or mental disability to apply themselves in everyday life.  I submit to you today an idea of channeling and unlocking the potential of people with disabilities that may not be able to perform certain job functions in a media setting because of blindness, hearing loss, physical setbacks or mental health issues.  What and how might a media production company flourish if they only hired people with these kinds of disabilities?  A sound man that cannot see...An editor that must perform his tasks with a blind man by his side to listen to the tracks and make sure the edit is performed well.  What about an armless soldier returning from war only able to calculate accounting needs for this company?  Perhaps a person with a stuttering issue who hires voice over talent?  A one eyed editor...a mute talent coordinator...a director confined to a wheel chair?  All of these people may be the new model for an industry that has been programmed to portray the beautiful, the perfect, the models of our society that in fact might not be the future models tomorrow.  What if a new vision media company were to be created that would allow persons with disabilities to shine at new potentials that the industry has never embraced or recognized before?

What if?  The tax incentives for this new model could be enormous and in fact the new visions of those who have had to recalculate their perceptions for a perfect functioning world might evolve into something we've never seen before.

I submit this idea to the new media makers of our time and ask for some sincere creative thinking in shaping what has only in the past been acceptable to what is WELL...What is ideal, what is perfect....Could a vision like this sustain itself in a world where perfection takes on a whole new model?

Something to ponder.....

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