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Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Mind Set of Magic and Professional Conjuring

The Mind Set of Magic and Professional Conjuring

I recently reentered the circles of magic and mysticism through my local chapter of the Society of American Magicians.  The age old craft though, centering on deception and trying to prove how our imaginations can conjure up anything, has made me believe that the craft develops a typical mindset that not many subscribe to.  It is this craft that helps an individual see through so many deceptions and prophecies certain persons might try to lead on a person to believe without seeking out scientific and mathematical explanations for phenomena's that many of us know could never be true.  Magic helps train a person in finding and exploring the truth by laying down the understanding of certain misconceptions we all tend to know can't be true.  It trains your mind to see through the all prevalent lies and deceptions that arise in our day to day survival in the real world.  It never seems to amaze me that the children watch with wide eyes and amazement at a magic trick that when practiced and perfected time and time again, we develop, as magicians a craft that not everyone can perform and present to the general public.  The next time you see a magician, remember that he is part of an underground society that helps us all develop skills in looking past the deceptions in our small worlds and helps us each find the truth in whatever it is we tend to believe.  Don't get fooled again.  Let the magic of a conjurer help you better understand what truths really remain in our ever present global society.  As magicians, we are thought and mind police.

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