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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Is it Time to Rethink Our Models?

I remember as a child growing up in the seventies watching the Johnny Carson Show and seeing an interview with a well known Southern actress.  As Johnny interviewed her she said something rather profound.  "Ya know....", she said, "When you all Northerners have someone freakish or abnormal you tend to hide them away....put them in institutions, throw away the key and keep them hidden from the world....Hell", she added..."When we Southerners have someone who's abnormal or freakish, we show them off"....

This statement couldn't be more than true today as we head into a time when perhaps a new revolution should be at hand....Can we all just start thinking outside of the box and try to rethink our models?  What appears to be abnormal, freakish, not within the boundaries may just be the new perfection...the new way to approach a problem and possibly a new way to view what would appear to be the mentality of perfection.  Think of the American Astronaut first landing on Mars and meeting the native Martians that inhabit the planet...looking like what we on earth might consider something out of the ordinary...Is the Astronaut considered the new freak from a world where they were once considered normal?...How about how humans were perceived by apes in Planet of The Apes...And what about how we view people with mental illness, their freakish demeanor considered by many to be bizarre and weird something we all might be afraid of because, simply, we don't understand it or it's outside the box of conventional thinking....I submit to you today in the age of Caitlyn Jenners that we start rethinking our models and start asking ourselves whether it's time to begin anew and make the world look differently on what we consider the "new" perfect, the "new" model, the "new" sign of what is beautiful....After all, aren't we sending home new hero's from the war front returning with one leg, one arm, deformed features after being victimized by war blasts and aren't we creating a new evolution where what we once held onto as being the norm is now changing with our everyday evolution of a changing world?  Stand tall Caitlyn and be proud....The new norm is not what you've been led on to believe over the past 10 years.  We're evolving into a new era of new models and what we consider grotesque might be time to reconsider as a new way to look at what is beautiful.  Smile and say that it might just need a little more time to better understand.

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