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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

LIVE STREAMING FINDS A NEW INNOVATOR-SSPI Future Leaders Dinner, New York, November 12, 2013

       DIGITHEAD Visits Society of Satellite Professionals International at NY's Penn Club

November 12, 2013: NEW YORK:  The Society of Satellite Professionals International brought many of it's leaders together tonight at the New York Penn Club honoring Max Haot, Founder and CEO, LIVESTREAM a fairly new player and innovator in the world of video streaming. SSPI held it's dinner tonight under the lamp lights of the distinguished universities dining room to boast and honor Haot because of his dedication and foresight to find a new and cost effective ways to stream video over the internet without cumbersome technology that prices out video laymen making it small enough and usable without a computer.  The box that his company LIVESTREAM manufactures has been lauded as the #12 fastest growing private business in the US by INC Magazine and named to Forbes' Most Promising Companies in America.  Haot's innovation technology can be used to stream live events including sports and media created stagings live through his phenomenon and is likely to change the way we view sports, news and other live events. LIVESTREAM claims to have over 30 million viewers and his technology has been swooped up by companies like Verizon.

The Belgium born Haot began his career in London at IMG interactive design where he became diverse and well educated in television building large scale web sites for some of the largest sporting events in the world-amazingly in real time.

SSPI, Executive Director Robert Bell called Haot a video technology pioneer bringing to the forefront capability that has before only been possible using Tricaster techology or even USTREAM for affordable live webcasts.  Bell and the host of speakers throughout the evening were all congratulatory on Haot's independent spirit and were continually amazed at the fact that he comes to the forefront without a formal higher degree education using his experience in the field as his background for breaking new ground.

LIVESTEAM was founded in 2007 ( and continues to bring live events to the internet via YOUTUBE and other live feed sources.  LIVESTREAM is also yet another new generation business that still continues to use satellite technology to expand it's footprint and deliver quality video that's easily accessible.

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