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Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Letter to My Magician Brothers of SAM 161

Dear Norm and my Brothers of SAM 161:
Tonight, Monday evening we performed at the Robert Woods Johnson PEDS ward in New Brunswick where we performed for various children on the ward sharing our gift of magic with numerous children who are finding it difficult in their hearts to have hope.  We conducted a Mitzvah unlike any other gift that I've been able to perform throughout my long career as a filmmaker and fellow Magician.  Tonight was truly magical.
I had had a converstation with Norman just the other night on the phone and I'd like to share with you all my brothers of magic what we discussed.  Many years ago, I too was sitting on a psych ward in Greystone Hospital and many other psych wards throughout the northern regions of New Jersey....wondering and thinking..."Does anyone really care?  Does anyone really love anymore?"  Tonight, I was reassurred by YOU my brothers in Magic that our work as magicians is only JUST BEGINNING.....because any little glimmer of hope we can spread through the magic we perform WILL and DOES make a difference in the lives of so many people we touch.  I only wish that this kind of program was around many years ago when I suffered from mental health issues on a psych ward and the only perscription doctors had in their hearts to cure was by giving me a new medication, finding a new drug that might bring an end to my mental health woes.  Tonight, MAGIC was the the MAGIC bullet, the cure, the hope, the way for all of us to bring just a small smile to a child in need and it made me realize that THIS IS WHAT WE ARE ON THIS EARTH TO DO....THIS IS OUR MISSION, THIS IS OUR PURPOSE.....MAGIC can bring about change, hope and cures for so many people just by  sharing it with other people.  Tonight we were all Merlins....Tonight, we were all BATMAN's....Tonight, the moon shined on all of us with illustrious glow.....Let's all try and give as much support to Norm and his mission of hope visits to Lyons, RWJ and any other hospital that Norm brings forward to each of us and remember the old motto from ROTARY...SERVICE ABOVE SELF.....It's times like this that we can all make a difference.  Thank you Norm for allowing me to be part of this tremendous evening....
Hope to see you all on the magical yellow brick road as we look for our own personel OZ's within the hearts of so many children.
Magically and for all of us...MUM....
I remain,
James Ford Nussbaum

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