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Friday, November 22, 2013

Healing with Magic

The Healing of Magic        James Ford Nussbaum     GALILEO PRODUCTIONS, LLC

Come with us as we explore something different….Something that will amaze you….Something that will bring back your inner child…It’s magical.

Galileo Productions is beginning yet another quest to bring you exciting and enriching programming…Television programming that not only educates but challenges your mind to think and continue to care.  Explore the healing power of magic as we set out on a journey of intrigue and enlightenment.  The never ending power of magic will bring you back to your best childhood memories while showing you how it can enrich and bring hospitalized children new hope and inspiration.  This is not just a journey into the depths of another film exploration.  Healing with Magic will share with audiences the nuances and steps in bringing back hope into the lives of children and young adults as we travel regionally to some of New Jersey’s leading hospitals with renowned magicians spreading the hope and healing power of an age old craft.  Say goodbye to antiquated medications and medicinal remedies that have polluted and staggered the healing process for decades.  Healing with Magic will share with audiences the power of how we cope and use positive messages to find ways in which we all can find hope and recovery through the simple powers of the magic wand.

What will make Healing with Magic even more special is the people that are associated with the project.  Producers of this program have not only observed firsthand how magic has healed they’ve lived the horrors of being debilitated mentally and physically during their own personal journey’s.  Producers have been on the inside of the patient experience living lives that were once filled with medications and long stays on psychiatric units at local hospitals.  The producers journey’s have not just found magic as a new healing process that will bring hope into viewers lives, they’ve lived the horrors of not having any other way to find hope and mental-physical resolution in a medical world that only knows healing through the power of the pill and leaves out the power of healing through the mind.  Our team has found magic as a new form of healing bringing hope to the subjects who have been plagued for sometimes years with debilitating diseases that nothing else has been able to cure.

If you are looking for a new way to look at medical cures and open to the suggestive power of the mind, look no further.  Healing with Magic will bring new light onto old methods of medicine explaining and exploring how the craft can heal our inner selves and find new dimensions in
bringing about medical and mental cures for those who have lost hope, lost salvation and are ready to turn to the magic of healing through the craft of mysticism.  Come along and enjoy the
journey.  You might just find your own magical answers to age old questions while discovering medical miracles.

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