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Friday, November 20, 2015

Recent Closing of A&P in Randolph, NJ Tells Tail of No Signs of Economic Recovery.

As the economy drones on, recent closings of local A&P in Randolph still tell a tail of economic hardship.....One of my last posts about this food chain giant revealed how I was expelled from the store after making an off mark comment in jest to one of the employees about "Are your melons in season?"....After months filing Chapter 11, the local A&P has finally closed it's doors in Randolph, NJ deferring customers to other food grocers in the Morris County area. Talk about ACME coming in to take over the space has been flirted on the streets but an ever menacing concern about the economy still lingers as this large chain closes it's doors. My photo expose reveals the ominous plight of a one time food giant now reduced to an empty shell of a space wondering where employees and their families will find their next place of employment....Although bad news isn't encouraged in our news days, we must look at what this closing says about the economy and where we go next. Rumors on the street have said poor management problems in the store were the cause of their failure.

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