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Monday, November 16, 2015

Be Very Frightened ISIS! Anonymous Will Bring You Down...A Continued Study....

As word of the Paris attacks by ISIS begin to surface more and more, the international hacking group known as Anonymous begins to take another stand on what they believe should and will be the end of terrorism through cyber attacks on ISIS throughout the world.  My continued study on this organization has revealed countless amounts of cyber attacks against organizations that have meant harm or poor judgement on a global scale. Anonymous continues to take on a Robin Hood global watch dogging role through out the world wide web.  They bring harm to those who are extreme and look to push ideology onto the general public protecting our freedoms of speech and expression. Much of what they have accomplished has done good things in stopping misintentioned groups from spreading their viewpoints harming society while Anonymous values the freedoms we all have over the internet.  The group has vowed most recently to annihilate ISIS over the internet and bring about a world order that mires itself on good and not evil.  The future for some of our freedoms may rest in this group of world wide hackers that are taking on more and more global challenges based on preserving our freedoms over the internet and making sure we all have inalienable rights protecting our forms of freedoms of speech and pure democracy.  Say what you want about them but Anonymous could be the answer to an age old problem against terrorists that pits a noble mission against pure evil.  Stay tuned as Anonymous vows not to forgive and to be always expected.

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