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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

World Cup Fever...Will It Ever Become a US Passion?

So sorry to most of my readers for the delay in my latest installations of thoughts and progressions....Here now the blog from GALILEO PRODUCTIONS, LLC...World Cup Fever.

I've been amazed to learn about this current circlular return of World Cup Soccer Fever here in the US....a progression from where we stood over 20 years ago when PELE hit the scene trying to gain popularity for the sport.  Today we are again witnessing a sport where bitting opponents becomes attractive on the field and the fan to player popularity may have forgotten the Argentinian player who was gunned down returning to his country after accidently putting the ball into his own net.  Cartel money was heavily invested into those games at the time and he lost enormous amounts of cash for those who were betting on the games.  I must also remind readers of the trampling of fans that had become so previlant at many of the games sometimes killing fans who attended.

Soccer in Europe is probably one of the only things that many Europeans generationally are attached to associating their teams to their villages and enveloping a culture that goes far beyond the local game within the community.  To many it is a lifestyle and the hooligans that are attracted to the beer drinking and party times that happen have found the games to be a working class social event that takes the pressure off of many who attend.

I have not yet found a fondness to soccer or World Cup play over the years but by the numbers this time versus the days of Pele, it has found a strong audience here in the US.  Perhaps it is time for us to create our own national team that would represent us in a much broader style of play as the sport grows especially with our youth.

But in order for soccer on a world wide level to truly expand, I believe that there must be some American or international governing board that will help protect the spirit of the game along with the fans and players.  Right now, the sport seems to carry too much drama like biting players and putting on a great whining show when a call is made against a player.  Once a standard, a governing body is put into place more religiously with the sport here in the US and abroad, we might see safer play in hopes that no one goes out and kills someone either in the seats or after a game.  I don't see yet the attraction of the sport as it slows down too much for me to be really excited about watching.  However, right now it would seem that American viewers are attracted to World Cup play and the future looks bright for a larger world order of teams that will command international viewers.  I still hope that we don't lose track of our NASCAR, baseball, basketball and hockey passions that still seem to attract more viewers than ever before.  In the end, a more compassionate soccer game with better governing rules might be the answer to increasing the popularity of the sport here in the US.

Just saying, but I don't yet see a place of popularity for World Cup or regional soccer matches here in the US that would surpass a good NASCAR race or local baseball, US football game.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, let the games continue.

Thanks for your visit.

James Ford Nussbaum

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