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Monday, February 6, 2012

Cletis Seldin and Dmitry Salita Sit Down Interviews Regarding Jewish Boxing Continues...

So I've been able to take a moment of time out of Dmitry Salita's schedule and spend the afternoon with him at his Brooklyn training gym at Starrett City Boxing Club.  What a treat.  Although relgion, which is a significant part of Salita's training regiment has helped him focus his talents in the ring, I've discovered that it has not become an obsession.  This was a relief to learn and hear from this champion boxer and although Judiaism is a big part of his life, it has not become a total obsession.  I approached Holly Near, the singer songwriter activist to see about using her song "I Ain't Afraid"...I Ain't Afraid of your Yahwu, I ain't afraid of your Jesus, I ain't afraid of your Allah, I'm afraid of what you do in the name of your G-d."  These concerns I addressed with the athlete and was happy to learn that his intentions are sincerely honorable.  Salita is an articulate gentleman and continues to wear his crown well.
We'll soon be spending time with "FORMER BOXER AND STILL professional BOXING referee", Ron Lipton who lives in New York State, getting a chance to see him in action within the classroom and the gym.  According to Lipton he was victim of several horrific anti-semetic occurences during his years on the NY and NJ Police forces. He'll share these stories on camera.  Ron continues his boxing work as a trainer for others, both young and old. 

The Cletis Seldin fight was quick and now Seldin continues his winning streak while sharing some of his personel experiences on camera.  We're getting there and a special thank you goes out to my assistants from the King Family in Caroga Lake, New York.  Having such great help from both Chip and Robert King was invaluable.  Thank you guys.  More to come soon.

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