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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Relating to Other Video Production Blogs

Groovy Like A Movie is another video production blog on the internet that always seems to fascinate me when it comes to learning about the latest and greatest innovations within the industry.  This blog is extremely well layed out and easy to read.  The topics are also inspiring catering information about RED CAMERAS and other production tools that simply make a significant difference in the way you produce video.  I believe the company is based in San Diego and touts magnificient scenary from their office windows leading you to think that they're based in one of the best locations for a production company.  Working with the RED CAMERA has been one of the newest advertisements for production companies that use this camera.  It doesn't use tape and applies a PCM card into the camera to record video data at a much higher pixel count then most giving the user a look that is suppose to be better than film.  However, the camera has some price point limitations and doesn't ship in any small way.  Many production companies are using this tool now and have found it to be the answer to all of their production concerns.  The PCM card is also utilized in editing using FINAL CUT PRO or AVID but there have to be some major hardware issues included with your editing software when using the RED system.  Groovy Like A Movie also has some superb examples using the RED camera system on it's blog and I occassionally check in to see what's new in San Diego.


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