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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Get Ready and Stay Tuned for My Interview with Progressive Thinking Filmaker--Eric Mofford, Unconventional Media

Unconvential Media is a Los Angeles based production company spearheaded by acclaimed and award winning filmaker Eric Mofford.  His webiste for the company boasts many different types of genres and has a history of producing some of the industries most innovative creations which have included films like, "Finding Hope" and the Emmy nominated documentary "Houston We Have a Problem".  Mofford's style is assertive and unafraid to explore topics like child abuse and energy conservation issues as he's exhibited many of his films on nationwide tours of the country traveling to such places as Atlanta and the mid west.  The thing I like most about his Unconventional site is the variety of samples he allows us to explore layed out in a most unusal and different style than any other site I've visited.  His statements on the site are bold and brash allowing the visitor to take a behind the scenes look at what his company is all about.  One of the more fascinating aspects of Mofford's lifestyle is his family who comprise a clans of artisans that collaborate on many projects that are not just ordinary but capture unusal and different topic matters that some filmakers wouldn't dare explore.  Mofford has been an inspiration to my company and troops here at Galileo Productions and we'll dabble into some of his philosphies more deeply through future blogs when I conduct a one-on-one interview with this Master.  His intelligence and wit are never ordinary.  So--do your homework and check out Unconventional Media in preparation for one of our next blogs on the artist named Mofford....

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