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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The study and practice of magic is a slippery slope...To be branded as a magician or "Conjurer" is exactly what it appears to be with some introspective analysis to follow.....A CON-jurer implies that there is a CON, a setup or a scandal rousing by many of the practitioners to FOOL YOU....It must be taken in high regard because there are many scams and mispractices out there that imply or try to engage an individual in some kind of scam....For many of my fellow brethren in the magic circles, I subscribe to an ethical value for practicing the craft in order to make it clear to a viewer that "I will fool you".....The craft consists of many twists and turns that are designed to fool a spectator and in some cases get people to believe that they are engaging in some higher "healing" or "faith healing" power that can either cure or disembody any evil practices that can take place with the use of magic....I, like The Amazing Randi like to consider myself, an honest liar who uses the craft to help others "Not get fooled again" however the case may be there is an inherent flaw of many of our personalities that ENJOY being fooled and welcome it's prevalence. Do NOT get me wrong....Being a veteran 30 plus year documentarian filmmaker and researcher, there is a high level of distinguishability that must be earned in presenting yourself as "an honest liar"....Whatever field you may be in, there are always loop holes to rules and regulations but the underlying credo all magicians must try to abide to is not to ever underestimate your audience and allow them to see for themselves that what you present to them is an illusion, a trick, gimmicked and certainly open for discussion depending on how the presenter performs in a magic setting. Understanding and calculating how an illusion is done is a skill unto itself....Be prepared, and be analytical consider the craft of science, reason and reality when performing in this vast ocean of deception.....

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