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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crystal Rock Symphony--The Music of Pebbles in a Bowl

Varied chimes from falling pebbles in different bowls.
Each one has it's own significant key.
The pebbles fall in syncopation each timed to a beat that syncs with a metronome.
On cue the pebbles fall into bowls and chime a constructed tune.
The music they create is natural....Always original but chiming like raindrops on a window sill
during a natural storm.

The mood they create seems accidental but is constructed with severe pragmatic planning.
Their sound is quite intentional but mimics accidental raindrops into various pools of water.
The sound created is a rock symphony--The Music of Pebbles in a Bowl.

Simply intended to appear natural but a sophisticated and  pragmatic illusion.
Various colored pebbles in their bowls, each with a different note...a different key.

Music to ones ears.

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