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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rough Cutting IMPACT-Jewish Boxers in America

We have successfully reached the rough cutting phases of our new documentary IMPACT-Jewish Boxers in  As we tighten and fine tune the project, we have gotten an overwhelming response from so many of the rough cut versions we've sent out to some of our team members.  We are not just exploring the history of a select few Jewish Boxers that include Barney Ross and Benny Leonard but are immersing ourselves in the exploration of the current day Jewish Boxer who most derives himself from poverty in the former Soviet Union and Israel.  I'm of course referring to Dmitriy Salita and Yuri Foreman although our investigation has also uncovered Cletus Seldin from Long Island, New York.  These men share a passion for the ring that is unlike any athlete I've encountered having worked many years with the NBA and witnessed the profuse passion of the American Basketball player.  Jewish Boxers are far from coming across as "thugs" who are just brutes.  They are articulate and intelligent knowing they have developed themselves into powerful weapons.  But it is their heart and soul that stands out most prevassively as I met and interviewed them all.  The lasting theme of the powerful Jewish culture will prevail in this piece and not present a weak culture that will allow themselves to be defeated either in or out of the ring.  The Jewish Boxer of today represents an individual with strong connections to the State of Israel and is not afraid to wear the Star of David on their trunks.

Ron Lipton, one of our film subjects is an amazingly tough and rug-id fighter, referee and trainer who has come face to face with antisemitism.  He has prevailed sometimes using extreme force and violence to protect himself and his family.  Ron represents the "tough Jew", the "Israelie Jew" who isn't afraid to defend himself with a jab and a right hook.  However Ron also represents men that not only can defend themselves but have that heart felt warm side that makes them human and approachable.

Our intent is to air this half hour project on Cablevision in Morris County, New Jersey, Channel 21 on Sunday's at 12:30 along with special presentation on THE JEWISH CHANNEL, a pay per view service.  Screenings will be arranged also for public viewing and our hopes are to enter it in national as well as regional competitions and festivals.  Stay tuned for IMPACT-Jewish Boxers in America.  The Jewish spirit is alive and well right here in the USA.

For more information on this project contact: James Ford Nussbaum @


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