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Monday, January 23, 2012

Logistical Planning Continues for New Documentary IMPACT

So I've been spending significant amounts of time laying down some of the logistical elements so we can begin photographing some of the fighters for the new documentary.  Getting everyone onboard for the idea has always been most challenging.  Music rights and clearence is also in the works while figuring out what will be the best tone in music from so many artists out there.  We've had some wonderful responses from student songwriters at Berkley in Boston and others as well.  It's inspiring to come in contact with all of these eager artists who show no fear in jumping on board to help us create a poignant piece that will accurately portray the stories of the warriors.  Their spirit is astounding as I continue the research and making sure all elements are in place. It has been my driving force.  It's definately a part of Judaic culture that not many people seem to know little about with the exception of a few who have had relatives involved with the sport.  I'm amazed at some of the unchartered territory we're exploring and appreciate all of the support that has been offered up so far from many of the people I've spoken with.  We'll see how this journey progresses but in the mean time stay tuned for more behind the scenes production notes as we continue with our efforts.  It certainly has become a well explored journey.  Thanks,  JN

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