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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Readings From Rettberg---Will We Ever Have Any Privacy Again If We Blog???

After reading further chapters in Jill Walker Rettberg's book BLOGGING from her Digital Media and Society Series, I'm beginning to question whether we'll ever have any sense of personel privacy again over the internet as our experiences extend us into the world of Blogging....As you continue to use the internet, you find yourself offering up more and more information about yourself to the world.  While writing bloggs seems to offer up the chance for Cititzen Journalism and better understanding of your own private thoughts, I wonder what the internet will offer up next as we almost seem to be ever absorbed by who, what, where, when and why we provide all of this information to the World Wide Web reader....The bloggs that appear to be more credible according to Rettberg are the ones that offer up more information about ourselves almost to the point of eliminating the need for privacy over the internet.  There seems to be a most ironic set of values for the internet user who complains of losing his or her freedoms of privacy but continues to share more and more of their own personal information just by using sites and continuing to blogg out to the world over the the world wide web.  I wonder if the internet was designed to level the playing field of potential threats to the state by putting offenders online and allowing them to be observed and recorded while being tracked on your every move.  It almost seems to be developing into a cyber online prison where your every move can be seen and recorded by the state or some big brother entity in case you decide to go bolistic.  It saddens me to be made aware of all the ways our writings and thoughts are being monitored by the World Wide Web according to Rettberg and that thought there is a great contradiction in thoughts about privacy, we continue to give it all away the more we use this vast medium.  The people unafraid of exposing themselves over the internet seem to be the ones more likely to succeed with this new medium and prosper the same way a well reknowned journalist for a leading network might find his or her lifestyle exposed voluntarily without any thought of consequence.  I get scared as to how the internet is shaping our minds to believe that we should have privacy in an online world but offer up our souls everyday to things we want people to know about ourselves without thinking about what we might be throwing away in regard to our privacy.  It allows us to be more open to an annonymous group of viewers that we don't even know and might give us a chance to develop a more trusting relationship to new viewers who were strangers to us before the internet even came into existence.  I applaud the new medium while still reserving some of my most inner thoughts for an OFFLINE diary instead.  We're not all quite there as of yet....

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